Swagger docs and sample code collections that demonstrate basic API use


Many REST consumers depend on swagger documentation. Swagger documents for this API can be misleading. This API is comprehensive, but documentation appears brief. The brevity of swagger documentation is due to the abstract nature of the models and endpoints for this API. To help clarify, JLLT and the Corrigo Developer Network have developed a robust set of sample collections of API messages to demonstrate capabilities and techniques for new members.

Postman Collections

Download Collection from GitHub here. Visit https://web.postman.co/ to download Postman tools.

EndpointLast UpdatedNotesDocs
Popular EntitiesMarch 8, 2022Spring 2022 (9.8)Docs
CommandMarch 8, 2022Spring 2022 (9.8)Docs
QueryMarch 8, 2022Spring 2022 (9.8)Docs


Code is for educational purposes only

These samples are intended to make your development effort more self-sufficient and are refreshed on a regular basis from moderators at JLLT and submissions from the development community. For support of these samples you can use the moderated Discussions section for quick answers!