Standard error codes for your exception handler

HTTP Error Code

200All success requests return this status
400All requests with handled exceptions (CorrigoCoreException from middleware and CustomException from API), requests with empty token or token that has invalid format
401Requests with missing Authorization header (MISSING_AUTHORIZATION_HEADER error code)
403Requests with missing Bearer in auth token or token validation failure
500All requests with unhandled exception

Corrigo Error Code

Here is the list of error codes returned from API

ERRORCODE{Number}Error Code template, where {Number} is ErrorNumber (Corrigo.Core.Resources.ErrorCodes) returned from CorrigoService
BUSINESS_LOGIC_ERRORGeneric error code for errors from CorrigoService with empty ErrorNumber
ENTITYSPECIFIER_NOT_FOUND'entitySpecifier' field is null or empty
The entity specifier is not specified in response of create action
COMMAND_NOT_FOUNDThere are no such command or custom command for specified entity
DATA_PARSING_ERRORId param couldn't be parsed neither as int nor as CorrigoEntity JSON
CUSTOM_COMMAND_ERRORThere is custom command for an action that should be used
ENTITY_NOT_FOUNDThere are no such entityType
IDENTIFIER_NOT_FOUND‘inlineId and id’ fields are null or empty
EMPTY_INPUT_PARAMETERInput parameter is null or empty
INCORRECT_MODELIncorrect input parameter model
MISSING_AUTHORIZATION_HEADERAuthorization header is missing
DATABASE_VERSION_MISMATCHCompany name was not specified / Company database isn't accessible / Requests to the instance cannot be processed by this URI
INCORRECT_TOKENToken validation failure
EXPIRED_TOKENToken has expired