RESTful API Troubleshooting Checklist

1. Is the URL correct?
Make sure the correct URL is being used with HTTPS protocol. See the Service Endpoints by region here.

2. Are the API credentials valid?
Make sure the service user is created and corresponding client_id/client_secret are generated per instructions here.

3. Are the request parameters valid?
Usually the returned error codes and messages will assist you in identifying any problems with incorrect parameter values. Common problems may include improper values for Work Order attributes (viz. Asset, Task, Customer).
When an error happens, the Corrigo Enterprise returns a JSON response that includes error message and an error code, as in the screenshot below. Please ensure that your code can manage the error returned effectively. The API documentation includes the list of error codes.

    "ErrorMessage": "No row with the given identifier exists[Corrigo.BO.KnowledgeBase.InvItem#535631]",
    "ErrorCode": "BUSINESS_LOGIC_ERROR",
    "TimeStamp": "2022-04-27T16:04:00.7758161Z",
	"RequestId": "1234"