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Work Order Send failure through API

We have been trying to send the workorder assigned to a Connected Service Provider through the Corrigo Integration API to CorrigoPro and receiving the error as below { "ErrorMessage":"WON call failed unexpectedly. Requestor #110443, target location #55182,action 'RequestorSend', web service URL '\<<https://wtspproxy.corrigopro.com/cnservices/CorrigoService.asmx'.","ErrorCode":"BUSINESS_LOGIC_ERROR","TimeStamp":"2024-05-29T19:15:23.1229828Z"}> } Here is the URL and Code I'm using to send the work order. <https://emea-ent-f2.corrigo.com/api/v1/cmd/SendWorkOrder> { "Command": { "WorkOrderId": 196424 } } If you could please help us out with this issue?

Endpoints for timecards and financials

Hello team, I am trying to pull in endpoints that will portray the data below. Financials and timecards. column data from reports: Time card - Duration - Labor code PMRM module - Scheduled Maintenance - Scheduled Start - Estimated Duration <br /> thanks in advance

Adding UserPayRates

When I add a user payrate through the UI, it asks for a Labor Code and a Rate. Piece of cake. I haven't been able to to it through the API yet. Using the API, when I try to add a UserPayRate directly using POST I get "Pay Rate modifications must be performed in parent's context." Fair enough If I PUT using the Employee base, I can add a UserPayRate entry, but the Currencies (UserPayRateMoneyValues) list is empty. Can I add UserPayRateMoneyValues in the same statement where I add the new UserPayRate? Also, I can manipulate a UserPayRateMoneyValues entry that already exists using its ID. I can't figure out how to add a new UserPayRateMoneyValues to an existing UserPayRate object. When I use PUT against EMPLOYEE, the body below will add a PayRate entry to employee 773 with a LaborCodeID of 124 with an empty Currency list. I've tried quite a few things but can't figure out how to populate the Currencies/UserPayRateMoneyValues at the same time I create the PayRate { "Properties":["PayRates.LaborCodeID"], "Entity": { "Id":"773", "PayRates": [{"LaborCodeID":124}] } }

Default Price List for customer/contract

Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me find where to get a value from via the Query API. In Corrigo application, there are some exports available under "Admin & Settings > Import/Export". One of these has name = "Contracts". The output has a default price list linked to each customer's contract. Does anyone know where I can get this same information via the API? I can't find a default price list linked to either contract or customer. Thanks for any help you can give.

How are contacts associated with a Corrigo company?

In the Corrigo UI, there is a company dropdown. How does a contact get associated with a company? Is the relationship determined by company url? If yes, can we see that mapping anywhere?

AI features?

Are there any plans for upcoming AI features? Chatbot integrations, TEAMS widgets etc? It would be convenient if a customer could type (for example) "it's freezing in here" and the AI would register that as a phrase that someone would use to request a ticket for ( Asset:[Air Conditioning and Heating] > Task:[Too Cold] ), or alternatively even just a way to embed a client portal into another system (authenticated with SSO) would be useful.

Employee Data Model Doesn't Include Reports To data

On a User (aka Employee) in Corrigo, there is a "Reports To" field where another user can be selected to indicate that a given employee reports to the other user. This Reports To field is not in the Employee data model via the API. What needs to be done or support ticket entered to get this added to the API Employee data model?

API ERROR : 500 Can't map WoItem asset 'Space/Workstation'"

We are getting this error for location: EXPEDIA0197. We have tried using different assets and tasks but still the same error. Endpoint : https://am-helper.corrigo.com/jll-wfs/WoCreateCommand Payload body : { "commandRequest": { "type": "WoCreateCommand", "WorkOrder": { "SubType": { "DisplayAs": "Reactive Maintenance" }, "Customer": { "TenantCode": "EXPEDIA0197" }, "MainAsset": { "ID": "63264" }, "Items": [{ "Asset": { "Name": "Space/Workstation" }, "Task": { "DisplayAs": "Add" }, "Comment": "This is a demo WO description, ignore " }], "ContactName": "TestContact", "ContactAddress": { "Address": "hi***@expediagroup.com", "ActorTypeId": "Employee", "AddrTypeId": "Contact" }, "CustomFields": [ { "Descriptor":{ "Name":"ServiceNow Number", "ActorTypeId":"WO" }, "Value": "12345" } ], }, "ComputeSchedule": "true", "ComputeAssignment": "true" } } Output : 500 : {"type":"Exception","message":"Can't map WoItem asset 'Space/Workstation'"} Can someone help in resolving this error? We contacted [email protected], they asked us to reach out here. Thankyou.

PM/RM Schedules

Is it possible to GET PM/RM Schedule data? And to PUT updates to RM/PM Schedules? I couldn't find anything that looked quite right in the Data Model of Entities.

Workzone Customer Servive Phone and Email

When I look at a Workzone in the UI, I see two fields at the very top of the page called Customer Service Phone and Customer Service Email. If I click to edit a Workzone in the UI, those fields can be updated in the same place that Workzone Name and Number can be updated. It is worth noting that Name and Number are required fields and Customer Service Phone and Customer Service Email are not. I am having trouble finding these fields in the Data Model of Entities. When I send a GET request to the URL below, I do not see the Customer Service Phone and Customer Service Email fields there. I know the values that should be coming through for these fields, so I am sure they are not in the returned information under some slightly different name. Are you able to help me find these fields so that I can update them via API? https://am-ce99b.corrigo.com/api/v1/base/WorkZone?ID=383