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Can not working with Sandbox

Hi there. I have got an error with sand box. I used your apis in https://documenter.getpostman.com/view/18831016/UVsEWpoM. There are errors when I tried to call your api { "ErrorMessage": "Requests to the instance RDC CE Sandbox cannot be processed by this URI", "ErrorCode": "DATABASE_VERSION_MISMATCH", "TimeStamp": "2022-08-08T03:51:24.3950568Z" } How can I deal with that error ? Thanks

Update Billing Rule on WO

Is their a command to update the Billing Rule of a WO? I can't find an example of this so I'm wondering if this command is possible via the API?


I have some code that I was running last week that worked fine, but now I'm getting the DATABASE_VERSION_MISMATCH (ErrorMessage': 'Requests to the instance Preview JLL MES NA cannot be processed by this URI') error. Our staging instance was recently updated to 9.8.283 and I seem to be getting this error after the update. I'm using the https://am-ce98a.corrigo.com/api/v1 to send requests to. I also tried exicuting a command (GetCompanyWsdkUrlCommand) to discover the url, but I'm also getting the same DATABASE_VERSION_MISMATCH error. Any thoughts or help would be great. Thanks.

Event Notification/Service/Plugin

We're looking to setup event services to have Corrigo push data to our other internal services when Work Orders are created and then later assigned. In the documentation I can see: "Event Plugins are installed at Corrigo, by Corrigo Integration Services, and they are registered for specific Companies." However I would like further information on the process for setting up these service notifications.

Updating Internal Cost Status

I'm able to pull internal cost information (specifically the Internal Cost Status and it's ID). I would like to be able to update it via the API. But I'm having some issues getting it to update. Here is my example code, let me know what I'm doing wrong or provide a sample code on how to update internal cost status. cost_testing_url = 'https://am-ce98a.corrigo.com/api/v1/base/WorkOrderCost' update_ic_status = { 'Entity': { 'Id': 738156, 'Items': [ { 'WoId': 738156, 'CostStatusId': 3, 'Comment': 'MES Fuel Surcharge Added via Alteryx', 'TypeId': 'Cost', 'CostCategory': 'SpotPurchase' } ] }, 'Properties': ['Id', 'Items.Id', 'Items.*'] } update_ic_status_request = requests.put(cost_testing_url, headers=headers, data=json.dumps(update_ic_status)) When running this I'm getting the following error: {'ErrorMessage': 'CostCategory is a required field.', 'ErrorCode': 'ERROR_CODE_1', 'TimeStamp': '2022-07-21T22:03:28.0100979Z'} If you could please provide sample code on how to update internal cost status, that would be great.

Pull Internal Cost Line Items

Is their a model or method to pull / update / add internal cost line items? If so, could you provide an example

How to get scheduling recurring preventative maintenance.

I would like fetch data of scheduling recurring preventative maintenance but I don know what I can do. Please give me any document. Thanks

How to programatically create public links in documents?

Hi, In the UI, the user can create a public link for a document. Is there a method in the API to do the same thing? Thanks, Juan

Is there an API method to download documents from Corrigo?

Is there an API method to download documents from Corrigo? For example, we'd like to download and attach to an email a PDF. The PDF is in a work order, in the Documents section. Is there a method to download the document? Thanks Juan

Intellicommand Product Integration

Today, we also issue work orders into Corrigo for certain types of events and we’d like to be able to add a link in the IntelliCommand mobile app associated with a Corrigo work order that when clicked would launch the Corrigo mobile app and take the technician directly to that work order. The expectation is that Corrigo send back a link to the intellicommand application that will allow the work order to be viewed at a detailed level for the technician.