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Work Order Send failure through API

We have been trying to send the workorder assigned to a Connected Service Provider through the Corrigo Integration API to CorrigoPro and receiving the error as below { "ErrorMessage":"WON call failed unexpectedly. Requestor #110443, target location #55182,action 'RequestorSend', web service URL '\<<https://wtspproxy.corrigopro.com/cnservices/CorrigoService.asmx'.","ErrorCode":"BUSINESS_LOGIC_ERROR","TimeStamp":"2024-05-29T19:15:23.1229828Z"}> } Here is the URL and Code I'm using to send the work order. <https://emea-ent-f2.corrigo.com/api/v1/cmd/SendWorkOrder> { "Command": { "WorkOrderId": 196424 } } If you could please help us out with this issue?

Endpoints for timecards and financials

Hello team, I am trying to pull in endpoints that will portray the data below. Financials and timecards. column data from reports: Time card - Duration - Labor code PMRM module - Scheduled Maintenance - Scheduled Start - Estimated Duration <br /> thanks in advance

Adding UserPayRates

When I add a user payrate through the UI, it asks for a Labor Code and a Rate. Piece of cake. I haven't been able to to it through the API yet. Using the API, when I try to add a UserPayRate directly using POST I get "Pay Rate modifications must be performed in parent's context." Fair enough If I PUT using the Employee base, I can add a UserPayRate entry, but the Currencies (UserPayRateMoneyValues) list is empty. Can I add UserPayRateMoneyValues in the same statement where I add the new UserPayRate? Also, I can manipulate a UserPayRateMoneyValues entry that already exists using its ID. I can't figure out how to add a new UserPayRateMoneyValues to an existing UserPayRate object. When I use PUT against EMPLOYEE, the body below will add a PayRate entry to employee 773 with a LaborCodeID of 124 with an empty Currency list. I've tried quite a few things but can't figure out how to populate the Currencies/UserPayRateMoneyValues at the same time I create the PayRate { "Properties":["PayRates.LaborCodeID"], "Entity": { "Id":"773", "PayRates": [{"LaborCodeID":124}] } }

"ErrorMessage": "Company database isn't accessible", "ErrorCode": "DATABASE_VERSION_MISMATCH",

We are trying to integrate corrigo with SailPoint Identity Security Cloud (Formerly IdentityNow) but when we make API calls we are getting an error "ErrorMessage": "Company database isn't accessible", and ErrorCode": "DATABASE_VERSION_MISMATCH". From other posts I can see this may be related to the wrong Company Name but we checked under setting what our company name is and still we are getting this error. Any ideas on what is wrong here. We opened a ticket with corrigo support but they send us here to the development community. Any help is appreciated. thanks !

Work Order Send Failure

Since the update last week I'm receiveing the follwoing error when trying to send a work order to CorrigoPro using the rest API: { "ErrorMessage": "WON call failed unexpectedly. Requestor #55575, target location #18994, action 'RequestorSend', web service URL '<https://wtspproxy.corrigopro.com/cnservices/CorrigoService.asmx'.">, "ErrorCode": "BUSINESS_LOGIC_ERROR", "TimeStamp": "2024-05-13T18:43:23.2086391Z" } <br /> Heres the URL and Code I'm using to send the work order. <https://am-ce914a.corrigo.com/api/v1/cmd/SendWorkOrder> { "Command": { "WorkOrderId": 1398944 } } Looking for help in resolving

API Error - Assetinfo entitie

![](https://files.readme.io/6082888-image.png) I get the above message when I query the AssetInfo table, is this table not part of a API call?

Pulling Attraction Data and Associated Park Data

I have some questions regarding pulling data out of Corrigo using the API. Here is the content around what we are trying to pull. We are looking at pulling Attraction data and associated park from Corrigo. Looking at the API documentation there are several entities that I have pulled down and started looking at the data on how it connects. Entities Pulled: • Address2 • Location • AssetTree • WorkOrder • Space Questions: 1. How do we determine if an attraction was added to a particular park within Corrigo? Which table and how would I filter my query to pull? 2. Space Table Start Date? 3. If an attraction was removed from a park how do we see that in Corrigo? Which table and how would I filter my query to pull? 4. Looks like “IsRemoved” field on the space table but what MoveOutDate / EndDate? 5. What would validate a change to an attraction? Which table and how would I filter my query to pull? 6. I understand WO would indicate an Attraction is down or being repaired but would it indicate an Add or Removal? 7. If so how? 8. So on the space table I got the following return data and would like to know if and how this would answer my first three questions. Thanks, Jeffery Brown

Completion Note payload

Per earlier submission that needs additional clarity regarding the payload for sending completion note upon resolution: <https://developer.corrigo.com/discuss/65b7e55dbbd20f004ddf2ed4> Are you saying I should replace: { "Region": "AM", "commandRequest": { "type": 'WoCompleteCommand', "Comment": "WO Completed", "WorkOrderId": id //The WO ID }, WITH: "Body": "Sample text", "WorkOrderId": 15167, "NoteTypeId": 1, //Constant for completion note "Id": 0 Or should the additional payload be within the commandRequest parameters, like this? { "Region": "AM", "commandRequest": { "type": 'WoCompleteCommand', "Comment": "WO Completed", "WorkOrderId": id, //The WO ID "Body": "Sample text", "WorkOrderId": 15167, "NoteTypeId": 1, //Constant for completion note "Id": 0 }, I just need to know the full payload to send on resolve 😊

Set and remove WO Flags via API

Hi, I am able to query and return the flags set agaist a WorkOrder using the query API and the WoFlag entity. I am trying to set a new flag against a WorkOrder, and also remove a Flag - using the base API POST and DELETE methods. However, I am getting the response that these are not supported by the WoFlag Entity. See my responses received at the foot of this message. My questions is, is there a method to set and remove flags from a WorkOrder via API? Thanks again for your help. <br> Responses: { "ErrorMessage": "Create operation is not supported by WoFlag entity.", "ErrorCode": "ERROR_CODE_1000", "TimeStamp": "2024-04-10T13:50:29.5806831Z" } <br> { "ErrorMessage": "Delete operation is not supported by WoFlag entity.", "ErrorCode": "ERROR_CODE_1000", "TimeStamp": "2024-04-10T13:42:17.0226544Z" }

Update Activity Log when uploading document via API

Hi, When a user uploads a document to a WorkOrder manually via Corrigo UI, the action is also captured in the Activity Log on the WO. However, when I upload a document using the API, the upload is not recorded in the Activity Log on the WorkOrder. Is there a way to also capture this activity when uploading via the API? For the API call, it is based on: <https://developer.corrigo.com/reference/post#document-example> And my specific command to upload a PDF Binary is, using POST method: { "Entity": { "ActorId": 68064, "ActorTypeId": "WO", "Title": "PDF report from Binary", "IsShared": false, "IsPublic": false, "StorageTypeId": "Cloud", "DocType": {"DisplayAs":"Picture" }, "Blob":{ "Body": "PDF_BINARY(REDACTED)", "FileName":"BinaryPdfAsPicture.pdf" } } }