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Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)

Hi. Is there an ERD available for the Corrigo API? Typically, it would include more details such as table relationships (one-to-one, one-to-many, etc.), primary/foreign keys for referential integrity, data types and more laid out in a visual diagram. The "Data Model of Entities" page in the API Developer site either doesn't provide all of those details or not consistently. For example, the [WorkOrder] table has a [Priority] field with a note to reference the [WoPriority] table. However, it doesn’t specify which field has the relationship and whether it’s a one-to-one/many. Another example is the String data type. It is listed for some fields but doesn’t disclose whether there’s a character limit or it’s a max string type.

How are contacts associated with a Corrigo company?

In the Corrigo UI, there is a company dropdown. How does a contact get associated with a company? Is the relationship determined by company url? If yes, can we see that mapping anywhere?

AI features?

Are there any plans for upcoming AI features? Chatbot integrations, TEAMS widgets etc? It would be convenient if a customer could type (for example) "it's freezing in here" and the AI would register that as a phrase that someone would use to request a ticket for ( Asset:[Air Conditioning and Heating] > Task:[Too Cold] ), or alternatively even just a way to embed a client portal into another system (authenticated with SSO) would be useful.

Employee Data Model Doesn't Include Reports To data

On a User (aka Employee) in Corrigo, there is a "Reports To" field where another user can be selected to indicate that a given employee reports to the other user. This Reports To field is not in the Employee data model via the API. What needs to be done or support ticket entered to get this added to the API Employee data model?

API ERROR : 500 Can't map WoItem asset 'Space/Workstation'"

We are getting this error for location: EXPEDIA0197. We have tried using different assets and tasks but still the same error. Endpoint : https://am-helper.corrigo.com/jll-wfs/WoCreateCommand Payload body : { "commandRequest": { "type": "WoCreateCommand", "WorkOrder": { "SubType": { "DisplayAs": "Reactive Maintenance" }, "Customer": { "TenantCode": "EXPEDIA0197" }, "MainAsset": { "ID": "63264" }, "Items": [{ "Asset": { "Name": "Space/Workstation" }, "Task": { "DisplayAs": "Add" }, "Comment": "This is a demo WO description, ignore " }], "ContactName": "TestContact", "ContactAddress": { "Address": "hi***@expediagroup.com", "ActorTypeId": "Employee", "AddrTypeId": "Contact" }, "CustomFields": [ { "Descriptor":{ "Name":"ServiceNow Number", "ActorTypeId":"WO" }, "Value": "12345" } ], }, "ComputeSchedule": "true", "ComputeAssignment": "true" } } Output : 500 : {"type":"Exception","message":"Can't map WoItem asset 'Space/Workstation'"} Can someone help in resolving this error? We contacted [email protected], they asked us to reach out here. Thankyou.

PM/RM Schedules

Is it possible to GET PM/RM Schedule data? And to PUT updates to RM/PM Schedules? I couldn't find anything that looked quite right in the Data Model of Entities.

Workzone Customer Servive Phone and Email

When I look at a Workzone in the UI, I see two fields at the very top of the page called Customer Service Phone and Customer Service Email. If I click to edit a Workzone in the UI, those fields can be updated in the same place that Workzone Name and Number can be updated. It is worth noting that Name and Number are required fields and Customer Service Phone and Customer Service Email are not. I am having trouble finding these fields in the Data Model of Entities. When I send a GET request to the URL below, I do not see the Customer Service Phone and Customer Service Email fields there. I know the values that should be coming through for these fields, so I am sure they are not in the returned information under some slightly different name. Are you able to help me find these fields so that I can update them via API? https://am-ce99b.corrigo.com/api/v1/base/WorkZone?ID=383

Updating Workzone Responsibilites

Hi! Can you please show me an example of how to GET all of the responsibilities for a given Property? I need to identify the ID for a given Responsibility at a given Property. Then I need a PUT action to update the AssigneeId for that Responsibility. Example code for both would be much appreciated. Thank you!

View Custom Billing Copy/Link to New Invoice

If I had internal work order cost items that have an AR (Internal Cost Status) of "Approved", which means my billing status is "Ready to be Billed". I now want to use the API to "Copy/Link to invoice and create a new invoice from the items in internal cost. In the Corrigo Back office UI, this is done in the WorkOrder Financial section through a series of button clicks. Is it possible to run this same action via an API command?

Time Zone is underfined when creating WO by API

when we tried to create WO by API, we got error message on 'Time Zone is undefined' in sandbox. here to attach our code. client ID: ceapiclient.1.5915.e03a.0007 { "Command" : { "WorkOrder" : { "Items" : [ { "Asset" : { "Id" : 99168 }, "Task" : { "Id" : 23429 } } ], "Contactid":2, "TypeCategory" : 4, "SubType" : { "Id" : 259 }, "Customer" : { "Id" : 99162 } }, "ComputeSchedule" : true }, "RequestId" : "0242422.3341" }_