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How to submit quote to a work order

Hi, i am new to corrigo enterprise. I queried workorders with status "New" How could i accept any WO via API and how could i submit quote to it. Thanks

PO in workorder

Hi, am new to corrigo. Want to work with purchase order and totally stuck. Please guide the steps. I have listed workorders with status "New" and these are some of keys Number: "INTL0732" PoNumber: "" Priority: {Id: 2} I want to know how PoNumber gets into, what are steps and prerequisite to add it

Is there a way to create Customer group via API?

We have a list of customer groups in sandbox, URL ".corrigo.com/corpnet/customer/customergroups.aspx" Page under Enterprise site - Restaurants -> Restaurant Groups Is there a way to create a customer group via API then attach locations to it?

WorkOrder and WoEstimate information Together

Is it possible to pull WorkOrder and WoEstimate data together. In the documentation for WorkOrder Entity, it mentions Estimate, but when pulling base WorkOrder info, Estiamte (or an estimate Id) isn't included. I can also pull all WoEstiamte via a post to base_url+'api/v1/query/WoEstimate' But lets say I wanted all Open Work Orders and the WoEstimate data. I know how to write a query for all open work orders, but since WoEstiamte doesn't have WO status, I'd end up having to pull all WoEstimates and then outside of the API tie the 2 together via WorkOrderId. This is an issue because there is a 4000 record limit. To avoid hitting this limit for WoEstimate query, is it possible to write a query to WorkOrder entity and do sometime of join to include WoEstimate data in the request? Thanks.

Finding All Flags on a WO

Is it possible to see all flags on a WO via the query/WorkOrder? Since a WO can have multiple flags, I was expecting to see a list of all flag IDs on a WO. But when running the following: wo_query_url = base_url+'api/v1/query/WorkOrder' Post Request wo_query_payload = {'QueryExpression': { 'Criteria': { 'Conditions': [ { 'PropertyName': 'Id', 'Operator': 'Equal', 'Values': [1148305] } ], 'FilterOperator': 'And' }, 'PropertySet': {'Properties': ['*']} } } I only see 1 FlagId, even thought he WO has multiple flags on it. I tried expanding the Flag by using 'Flag.*' in the PropertySet, but it only provided information on the 1 flag that was being returned, not all flags. My second thought was to just do a query and see if it would return WOs with a specific FlagId. Running the following: wo_query_url = base_url+'api/v1/query/WorkOrder' Post Request wo_query_payload = {'QueryExpression': { 'Criteria': { 'Conditions': [ { 'PropertyName': 'FlagId', 'Operator': 'Equal', 'Values': [3369] } ], 'FilterOperator': 'And' }, 'PropertySet': {'Properties': ['*']} } } When running the above, I get the following error: {'ErrorMessage': "Condition value type 'System.Int64' for 'FlagId' property is not valid for this operation.", 'ErrorCode': 'BUSINESS_LOGIC_ERROR', 'TimeStamp': '2022-08-30T16:33:05.2046117Z'} I thought the Flag ID was an int value, but I must be doing something wrong here. Is my thought correct, if a WO had multiple flags, say ID 3369 and 3370. If via the first query was only returning flag ID 3369 on the query. If I was able to do a query for flag 3370, would the work order show up? I would expect it to, but I can't get the flag query to work.

Internal Cost BillZero Field

I may be missing something, but when pulling Internal Cost detail on a give WO, I'm not seeing a field or value for the BillZero toggle that is in the front end. Running the following query as a post request: cost_detail_url = base_url+'api/v1/query/WorkOrderCost' cost_detail_query = { 'QueryExpression': { 'Criteria': { 'Conditions': [ { 'PropertyName': 'Items.TypeId', 'Operator': 'Equal', 'Values': ['Cost'] }, { 'PropertyName': 'ID', 'Operator': 'Equal', 'Values': [1148305] } ], 'FilterOperator': 'And' }, 'Distinct': True, 'PropertySet': {'Properties': ['Items.*']}, 'Count': 20, 'FirstResultIndex': 0 } } This returns internal cost detail and I can see a field for "NonBillable". But I'm not seeing "BillZero" field. Do I need to adjust my query or request? Or is this BillZero field missing from the API? Thanks

Can not working with Sandbox

Hi there. I have got an error with sand box. I used your apis in https://documenter.getpostman.com/view/18831016/UVsEWpoM. There are errors when I tried to call your api { "ErrorMessage": "Requests to the instance RDC CE Sandbox cannot be processed by this URI", "ErrorCode": "DATABASE_VERSION_MISMATCH", "TimeStamp": "2022-08-08T03:51:24.3950568Z" } How can I deal with that error ? Thanks

Update Billing Rule on WO

Is their a command to update the Billing Rule of a WO? I can't find an example of this so I'm wondering if this command is possible via the API?


I have some code that I was running last week that worked fine, but now I'm getting the DATABASE_VERSION_MISMATCH (ErrorMessage': 'Requests to the instance Preview JLL MES NA cannot be processed by this URI') error. Our staging instance was recently updated to 9.8.283 and I seem to be getting this error after the update. I'm using the https://am-ce98a.corrigo.com/api/v1 to send requests to. I also tried exicuting a command (GetCompanyWsdkUrlCommand) to discover the url, but I'm also getting the same DATABASE_VERSION_MISMATCH error. Any thoughts or help would be great. Thanks.

Event Notification/Service/Plugin

We're looking to setup event services to have Corrigo push data to our other internal services when Work Orders are created and then later assigned. In the documentation I can see: "Event Plugins are installed at Corrigo, by Corrigo Integration Services, and they are registered for specific Companies." However I would like further information on the process for setting up these service notifications.