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Add a Refrigerant Circuit to an Equipment Asset

Hi! Is there a way to add a refrigerant circuit to an equipment asset using the API? I was able to add warranties, but I don't see refrigerant in the Data Model of Entities.

WorkOrderCost.Items.TypeId Not filtering as Expected

When trying to get Work Order Cost Items, I only want the TypeId = 'Cost'. But running the below, I'm still getting all items (Cost and ServiceFees). wo_url = base_url+'api/v1/query/WorkOrderCost' wo_query = { 'QueryExpression': { 'Criteria': { 'Conditions': [ { 'PropertyName': 'Id', 'Operator': 'Equal', 'Values': [1149214] }, { 'PropertyName': 'Items.TypeId', 'Operator': 'Equal', 'Values': ['Cost'] } ], 'FilterOperator': 'And' }, 'Distinct': True, 'PropertySet': {'Properties': ['Id', 'BillingAccount.DisplayAs', 'CostState', 'Items.*']} } } wo_response = requests.post(wo_url, headers=headers, data=json.dumps(wo_query)) The resulting json data still includes ServiceFee items. Thoughts?

DTZ Quest - Customer Invoice/Internal Invoice Field Manual Update

Hello, This is for the DTZ Quest database. We have a API set up that updates the internal invoice #. It logs in using the user "Web Services, Data Power" (login: wsdk_datapwr). For invoice 60641 the API isn't updating that number. The number is a concatenation of the database name, and the ID # of the Corrigo invoice. 1. Are you able to update the field manually? 2. Any insight on why this may be happening? Thank you

API limit on file size

We have an API set up in production for a new app the P&G folks have rolled out (MyWorkplace) to allow the customer to submit certain types of work orders. They are having trouble attaching pictures to the work order. They get an error in the API if the file size is over 3MB. Is there a limit on the file size and can it be increased?

Creating a WO Completion Note

Hi! Can you please provide me with a sample of how I would create a WO completion note? Can I do this as a part of the WOCompleteCommand (POST) or does it need to be its own PUT query?

400 Error in Workorder Create API

I am getting 400 Error in WO Create API in Postman. Below follows the details, API : (Post) ...api/v1/cmd/Workorder/Create Body: { "Command" : { "WorkOrder" : { "Items" : [ { "Asset" : { "Id" : 920 }, "Task" : { "Id" : 14232 } } ], "ContactName" : "Store Manager", "ContactAddress" : { "AddrTypeId" : 17, "Address" : "[email protected]" }, "TypeCategory" : 4, "Priority" : { "Id" : 3 }, "RequestorContact" : { "Id" : 3 }, "WorkZone" : { "Id" : 1 }, "SubType" : { "Id" : 259 }, "Customer" : { "Id" : 3 } }, "ComputeSchedule" : true, "ComputeAssignment" : true, "EmergencyDisabled" : false, "Comment" : "Creation Comment here" }, "RequestId" : "1234" } Response : { "ErrorMessage": "'body.Command' field is null or empty", "ErrorCode": "EMPTY_INPUT_PARAMETER", "TimeStamp": "2022-11-25T06:37:41.1114125Z" } I could not find any command field in Body(no mentions of this field in corrigo guide too). What does this command field denote? Also please correct me if anything is wrong in body..

how to pull out all the data from corrigo?

Need to get all the data from corrigo to put it into our live site so that we can show the same data on our live site

API to fetch related module data to create a WO

We are trying to build a 2 way integration between Facilio and Corrigo for Workorder Module . Inorder to achieve the same , we need to maintain a mapping of certain attributes in Facilio ( such as customer , property etc) . Where can we find the API's to fetch the related data that has to be maintained or mapped to create a Work Order in Corrigo (such as the following): Customer Category Subcategory Task Priority Property Asset

Corrigo Fall release 2022 Query

Hi Team, just seeking some clarification on what does the below refer too and what is shown from a vendor perspective 1. Enabling the API, A new global setting was introduced for Requestors to enable the discovery of locations, priorities, and specialties. 2. The setting Allow Service Pro discovery of entities: Work Zones, Priorities, Specialties can be found at Admin & Settings > Service Pros > Settings: Service Pro Integration

Deactivating a Customer

Hi! Can you please provide me with a sample of how I would deactivate a Customer? The Data Model of Entities page shows a Property called IsRemoved, which "gets or sets the boolean flag indicating if an entity was deleted". Since I don't think there is a way to actually delete a Customer, I believe this would be the property to do the trick of deactivation. In my testing, active Customers showed 0 and deactivated Customers showed 1. When I tried to update this from 0 to 1 to deactivate a Customer, the response was successful, but the Customer did not deactivate. The Property value is still 0. All the other updates I passed successfully updated their properties as intended. Thank you!