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How to delete attribute in asset?

Request: ```curl curl --location --request DELETE 'https://am-ce913a.corrigo.com/api/v1/base/AssetAttribute?ID=53128' \ --header 'CompanyName: Sandbox Whole Foods' \ --header 'Authorization: Bearer eyJBdXRoZW....' \ --header 'Cookie: nav_track=d-c7bqoDvKh23*6uusMHgHPjyCDVqt9CSidnHkPjr*AptXHUx6aMmEfDYNpsQqCPi-d' ``` Response: ```json json { "ErrorMessage": "Asset Attribute modifications must be performed in parent's context; parent ID #91297", "ErrorCode": "BUSINESS_LOGIC_ERROR", "TimeStamp": "2024-04-02T23:14:53.0116448Z" } ``` <br> and using PUT request ```curl curl --location --request PUT 'https://am-ce913a.corrigo.com/api/v1/base/Location' \ --header 'CompanyName: Sandbox Whole Foods' \ --header 'Authorization: Bearer eyJBdX...' \ --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \ --header 'Cookie: nav_track=d-c7bqoDvKh23*6uusMHgHPjyCDVqt9CSidnHkPjr*AptXHUx6aMmEfDYNpsQqCPi-d' \ --data '{ "Properties": [ "Attributes.*" ], "Entity": { "Attribute": [], "Id": 91297 } }' ``` Response: ```json { "EntitySpecifier": { "EntityType": "Location", "Id": 91297 } } ``` But when retrieving the asset details I found nothing changes! ```json { "Entities": [ { "Data": { "Name": "Unit", "ModelId": 4243, "Orphan": false, "TypeId": "Equipment", "ParentId": 0, "RootId": 0, "IsTemplate": false, "IsOffline": false, "IsLocked": false, "IsRestricted": false, "Attributes": [ { "Descriptor": { "Type": "Phone", "Name": "Test #", "IsHistory": false, "DisplayInWorkOrder": false, "IsRemoved": false, "ConcurrencyId": 2, "Id": 10303 }, "AssetId": 91297, "TopAssetId": 91297, "CurrencyTypeId": "Unknown", "Value": "9721234567", "ConcurrencyId": 3, "Id": 53128 } ], "IsDirectParts": false, "IncludeNonControllableExpenses": true, "CriticalFacilities": "Inherit", "Id": 91297 } } ] } ``` <br>

Getting the path of property assets

![](https://files.readme.io/d928f78-image.png) What the query used to get the path of all assets in the property like this picture when exporting property data?

Updating a WorkOrder CustomField

Hi, I am trying to update a Custom Field on a workorder using the Corrigo Enterprise Base API. I think I am close to achieving it, but am missing something. I am basing my call on the WorkOrder example in the "PUT" page in the documentation: <https://developer.corrigo.com/reference/put> My URL is: <https://CURRENTAPIURL.corrigo.com/api/v1/base/WorkOrder?=> HTTP/1.1 The WO Id is 68604, and the CustomField descriptor is 184 I am trying to update the WO CustomField value to "N/A" My query attempt is: { "Properties": ["CustomFields.*"], "Entity":{"Id": 68064}, {"Descriptor": {"Id": 184}, "ObjectId": 68064, "ObjectTypeId": "WO", "Value": "N/A"} } And the response is: { "ErrorMessage": "'body' field is null or empty", "ErrorCode": "EMPTY_INPUT_PARAMETER", "TimeStamp": "2024-03-30T18:16:46.2437084Z" } I can't yet see what I am doing wrong on this, if anyone can point it out that would be most helpful. Thanks for looking at this <br>

Uploading a document to a WorkOrder from SharePoit (or binary)

Hi, I am trying to upload a document to a WorkOrder using the base API. I am able to upload a URL link to the document with a query based on the sample in the API Reference guide (my working query is show in the Postman screenshots below. However, what I can't see in the documentation is how to: 1. Upload an actual PDF and store it in the WO, from a file and/or web location (likely SharePoint), or 2. Upload a actual PDF from a binary of the PDF that I have extracted from an email attachment I expect the key properties are a. StorageTypeId b. DocURL (or this property may change depending on the StorageTypeId) Any help how to upload actual PDFs from a location or a binary would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again GrahamGra ![](https://files.readme.io/68c84b2-image.png) ![](https://files.readme.io/1e7cea2-image.png)

Update WorkOrder StatusId via base API

Hi, I'm looking at updating WorkOrders via the base API, specifically these actions for now: 1. Adding a document to the WorkOrder 2. Updating the StatusId (normally to mark as closed) 3. "Complete" a WorkOrder, adding a note of the work performed and backdating the action This initial query is re my attempts to update the StatusId Using the base API, I am trying to update a WO with Id = 68604 to "Cancelled" I've pasted below may basic query in Postman. The response I am getting is: { "ErrorMessage": "'body' field is null or empty", "ErrorCode": "EMPTY_INPUT_PARAMETER", "TimeStamp": "2024-03-15T16:54:26.6449587Z" } Does anyone know what input paramter I am missing here? Thanks, Graham ![](https://files.readme.io/e436c66-image.png) ![](https://files.readme.io/8073dbf-image.png)

Default Price List for customer/contract

Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me find where to get a value from via the Query API. In Corrigo application, there are some exports available under "Admin & Settings > Import/Export". One of these has name = "Contracts". The output has a default price list linked to each customer's contract. Does anyone know where I can get this same information via the API? I can't find a default price list linked to either contract or customer. Thanks for any help you can give.


Hi, If I look at Team Time Cards ("week by day" view, or "week by labour" view), there is a column headed "WO Labour". This seems to have the total of the labour on the WO, and it can differ from the "TC Labour" value, which is the time on the time card. My question is, where does the report get the "WO Total" from? I want to be able to do a reconciliation of WO time against TC time, and it would seem this "WO total" must the sum of durations coming from an entity - but which entity? Thank you for your help

Work zones not populating

We have a third integration to app through the corrigo api. Work zones were previously populating but they aren't showing up now. What could cause this issue? ![](https://files.readme.io/b19f1e0-image.png)

Contains in a query

HI I'm trying to do a query with a Contains operator and I keep getting an error '"ErrorMessage": "This condition requires 2 values while only 1 values were supplied.\\r\\nParameter name: values". I have tried Contains and Contain with the same result. See my code below. I'm searching for Procedure steps that contain the word Lighting. { "QueryExpression": { "Criteria": { "Conditions": \[ { "PropertyName": "WorkOrderId", "Operator": "Equal", "Values": ["1181159"] }, { "PropertyName": "ProcedureTemplateStep.Description", "Operator": "Contains", "Values": ["Lighting"] } ] } } }

Service Hours (Custom field) location

Hi All, I am trying to pull the Service Hours for heavy equipment but I can't that information in any other endpoints. I was told that it is in a Custom Field in Corrigo but I do not see "Service Hours" anywhere in that endpoint (customfield2). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Brian