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Error using query endpoint

When I used Query API, I get an error message getting the list of WorkOrder Custom Fields, it looks like some issue in using ActoryType in condition, I tried ObjectTypeId = “WO” , it returns { "ErrorMessage": "Input string was not in a correct format.", "ErrorCode": "BUSINESS_LOGIC_ERROR", "TimeStamp": "2022-02-23T20:39:32.1179262Z" } and ObjectTypeId = “13”, it returns empty response. request POST 'https://am-ce97c.corrigo.com/api/v1/query/CustomField2' \ --header 'CompanyName: Corrigo Demo' \ --header 'Authorization: Bearer xxx "QueryExpression": { "Criteria": { "Conditions": [ { "PropertyName": "ObjectTypeId", "Operator": "Equal", "Values": ["WO"] } ], "FilterOperator": "And" }, "Distinct": true, "PropertySet": { "Properties" : ["*", "Descriptor.*"]}, "Count": 50 , "FirstResultIndex": 0 } }

Inventory Management via REST

Hi, Could you provide some examples of updating inventory via the REST API? Specifically, making adjustments by product and stock location. Thanks! Kellie

Error from Corrigo API when adding time to a work order

We are getting the following error when adding time to a work order via the API: could not load an entity: [Corrigo.BO.Employee.NhEmployee#369] [SQL: SELECT nhemployee0_.Id as id1_134_0_, nhemployee0_.ConcurrencyId as concurrencyid2_134_0_, nhemployee0_.IsRemoved as isremoved3_134_0_, nhemployee0_.Uidx as uidx4_134_0_, nhemployee0_.DisplayAs as displayas5_134_0_, nhemployee0_.FirstName as firstname6_134_0_, nhemployee0_.LastName as lastname7_134_0_, nhemployee0_.RoleId as roleid8_134_0_, nhemployee0_.AllCommAccess as allcommaccess9_134_0_, nhemployee0_.LanguageId as languageid10_134_0_, nhemployee0_.LocaleId as localeid11_134_0_, nhemployee0_.ActorTypeId as actortypeid12_134_0_, nhemployee0_.Login as login13_134_0_, nhemployee0_.DtPwdChange as dtpwdchange14_134_0_, nhemployee0_.WonInvitedOn as woninvitedon15_134_0_, nhemployee0_.Instructions as instructions16_134_0_, nhemployee0_.WonMemberId as wonmemberid17_134_0_, nhemployee0_.WonLocationId as wonlocationid18_134_0_, nhemployee0_.WonServiceRadius as wonserviceradius19_134_0_, nhemployee0_.IsElectronicPayment as iselectronicpayment20_134_0_, nhemployee0_.WonStatusID as wonstatusid21_134_0_, nhemployee0_.LabelID as labelid22_134_0_, nhemployee0_.IsFreeText as isfreetext23_134_0_, nhemployee0_.WonRadiusType as wonradiustype24_134_0_, nhemployee0_.Pwd as pwd25_134_0_, nhemployee0_.Number as number26_134_0_, nhemployee0_.JobTitle as jobtitle27_134_0_, nhemployee0_.FederalId as federalid28_134_0_, nhemployee0_.IsInactive as isinactive29_134_0_, nhemployee0_.IsResetPwd as isresetpwd30_134_0_, nhemployee0_.UtcDeviceReset as utcdevicereset31_134_0_, nhemployee0_.OrgID as orgid32_134_0_, nhemployee0_.IsIntApiUser as isintapiuser33_134_0_, nhemployee0_.SkipIpFiltering as skipipfiltering34_134_0_, nhemployee0_.ExternalId as externalid35_134_0_, nhemployee0_.TaxWarnOnly as taxwarnonly36_134_0_, nhemployee0_.BillZero as billzero37_134_0_, nhemployee0_.ProviderTypeID as providertypeid38_134_0_, nhemployee0_.TaxExempt as taxexempt39_134_0_, nhemployee0_.ReportsToID as reportstoid40_134_0_, nhemployee0_.LimitPortfolioID as limitportfolioid41_134_0_ FROM dbo.EmployeeObject nhemployee0_ WHERE nhemployee0_.Id=?] The employees exist in Corrigo and have had time added before. Any ideas? Thanks, Juan

Create work order type of Preventative Maintenance

On the CyrusOne account we are using MCIM to manage our assets and preventative maintenenace. The MCIM software has an interface to Corrigo where it creates work orders. But every work order they create is a Request. They would like the ablity to create a PM type of work order, under certain cercumstances. Is that possible? If possible, what change needs to be made to their payload?

Is the Corrigo API down?

Hi, Our processes are not being able to connect and login to Corrigo API (v.9.7.x). Is the API down? Thanks, Juan

How to get the space associated with an equipment/asset

Is there any API to retrieve the Space associated with an equipment/asset under a building? Interested in knowing how corrigo exposes the relationship between equipment and the space where this equipment belong/exists under a building.

Is there an API method to download documents from Corrigo?

Is there an API method to download documents from Corrigo? For example, we'd like to download and attach to an email a PDF. The PDF is in a work order, in the Documents section. Is there a method to download the document? Thanks Juan

Is it possible to retreive a file connected to a work order

We would like to get a file already attached to a Corrigo work order and pull it over to another system (MCIM.) Is this possible? And if so, what commands?

When I try to create work order, I was not seeing the Description field populated, it stayed empty.

Posted on behalf of : [email protected] who is active integration developer. Please refer the API request body and the screenshot for the WO created by the API call below. What do I need to pass in the request body to make sure the Create WorkOrder API populates correct Description in Corrigo? And which API to use if we need to update the description later for an existing work order? { "Command" : { "WorkOrder" : { "Items" : [ { "Asset" : { "Id" : 784583 }, "Task" : { "Id" : 15651 } } ], "Contactid":14200, "Description":"Testing WorkOrder description", "TaskRefinement":"Testing WorkOrder description", "ContactName" : "Reginald Doppelhong", "ContactAddress" : { "AddrTypeId" : "Contact", "Address" : "214-555-5555" }, "TypeCategory" : 4, "TimeZone": 4, "SubType" : { "Id" : 259 }, "Customer" : { "Id" : 5609 } }, "ComputeSchedule" : true, "Comment" : "Testing create WO create API" } } Response for create API : { "CommandResult": { "Wo": { "Number": "BIOT00008", "TypeCategory": "Request", "WorkOrderCost": { "Id": 429983 }, … }

Error updating customer

When trying to update a customer immediately following a get, I receive the following error: {"ErrorMessage":"Data was already modified by another user.","ErrorCode":"ERROR_CODE_6","TimeStamp":"2022-06-18T18:12:18.8813529Z"} What is the cause of this error and how can I fix it?