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Data Security

Corrigo Web Services support SSL, the standard for encrypting transmission of data to and from the Web Service. To effectively use SSL, simply ensure that all requests to the Web Service use a URL that starts with https:// instead of http://. All Corrigo Web Service URLs support both modes of communication.

Additionally, when connecting to a Company, both user id and password are required, and this user must be assigned a Role that includes the Web Services Access permission. This account is subject to the password expiration rules defined by the Company; unless special precautions are taken through Corrigo Support. A security best practice is that this user should only be used for Web Service access and not direct application login.

Finally, both the Corrigo applications and Corrigo data centers meet rigorous standards for security including annual SSAE16 Type 2 audits. Additional compliance information is available on request, please Contact Corrigo

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Data Security

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