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Please note that the code snippets in these pages are for informational purposes only and will not work when used as is. It is advisable to download the code that is available as part of the downloadable sample set. Click here to download the C# sample sets.

All C# sample projects have a similar structure.

  • Properties store AssemblyInfo.cs settings, as commonly used
  • References include CorrigoServiceWebReference which is the proxy for SOAP calls
  • Operations folder with Create.cs, Delete.cs, Read.cs, and Update.cs which store operation-specific code
  • [Entity]Examples.cs which store demonstration code

Work Zones Project Structure

All samples are setup with overridable constant values that must be adjusted to align with test databases to be functional. These samples include the minimum data requirements for demonstration purposes only. Actual integrations may include significantly more data elements within each entity than shown here.

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