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How to Connect



For research purposes, it is not absolutely necessary to connect to an actual Corrigo database. Any SOAP-compliant tool can explore the data types and operations used by the service with only a URL to identify the WSDL (Web Service Description). See CorrigoService API (SOAP) section for details.

To access Corrigo data through Web Services, a Corrigo Company (database) is required. A Company that is Live is actively in use by end-users and should NOT be used for integration testing. However, nearly all Corrigo clients have at least one Stage or Test Company available, which is a copy of the Live Company. These are ideal for testing.


There are several ways to obtain access to a Corrigo Test Company:

  • Existing Company:
    Identify the Test Company Name to which you wish to connect and request Web Service Access from the designated Company System Administrator. This person has the authority, training, and access to create and/or assign the Role and User account necessary for your connection. Contact Corrigo if you need agents to help you identify the Company System Administrator.

  • New Company:
    Contact Corrigo and ask to obtain a license to create a new Company on behalf of your organization.

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How to Connect

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